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Leverage the power of a captive audience with a fully branded experience on the world's largest
Wi-Fi advertising platform.

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So many ways to captivate

Trade free Wi-Fi for guaranteed engagement

  • Click-to-Visit
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Text Match
  • Poll
  • Email Collection
  • App Download
  • Display Ads

Drive direct traffic

Direct your audience where you want them in exchange for what they desire most: free Wi-Fi.

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Capture undivided attention

Engage your target audience the minute they open their device with a large-format video in a full-screen branded experience.

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Raise awareness with Flash and HTML

Make a memorable impact on your target audience with quick load times and smaller file-sizes across all devices.

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Boost recall and increase consideration

Prompt users to type your branded message and maximize recall of a tagline, benefit or attribute.

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Prompt consideration

Give your audience reason to pause by crafting the perfect question to highlight a product benefit or solicit useful audience feedback.

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Start a conversation

Drive voluntary sign-up for future one-to-one communication via email.

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Drive installs and engagement

Sponsor Wi-Fi on mobile devices in exchange for the verified download of your app in Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Reach a captive audience

Introduce your message before users get online, making the first impression in a brand safe environment.

The goal of the Boingo media platform has always been to buck traditional advertising in favor of more meaningful ways to advertise to consumers…

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2.8 billion annual visitors in 12,000+ locations

Place your message in the right context for your target audience


Reach business and leisure travelers galore in more than 65 of the world’s largest airports.

100 million enplanements a year
33+ million ad engagements a year.

Airports in New York, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome and more!


Make frequent business travelers feel at home at over 3,600 hotels nationwide.

13 million ad engagements a year.

Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton Garden Inn and more!

#1 most desired hotel amenity for US travelers.

Sports Bars
Sports Bars

Socialize with the fans at 500+ local sports bars.

6+ million ad engagements a year.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, Steak-n-Shake and more!


Join New York commuters on their daily ride with 30+ New York Subway locations.

3.5+ million ad engagements a year.

Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls

Reach fashionistas in action at 40 premium mall locations.

1.3+ million ad engagements a year.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa and more!


Be part of the game at 2 premier Chicago stadiums.

Delivering Wi-Fi ad engagements to thousands of Arena visitors. A unique opportunity to target specific sporting or music events, engaging a concentrated group of passionate and enthusiastic fans.

City Centers
City Centers

Be where the action is, reach tourists and sophisticated city dwellers in 4 major cities.

2.9+ million ad engagements a year.

Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago & Miami.

and more...
and more...

With an eye out for where people are seeking the services and content they rely on, we are adding new and unique venues everyday.

What's unique about the Boingo platform is that it allows us to combine branding with direct response in a single high-impact format. Even better, we can reach our audience of frequent travelers in a way they appreciate, by supporting free Wi-Fi access when they need it most.

Julie Zhou Growthmaster, Hipmunk, Inc.

Precision drilling

Find your exact target, every time


Zero in on the DMA’s, zip codes and store locations that match your specific demographic, psychographic and behavioral targets using data from Nielsen and others.


Isolate those device types that match your audience and support your specific conversion goals.


Focus on mornings, evenings, weekdays or weekends to hit the right audience at the right time.

Residence Inn’s partnership with Boingo has allowed the brand to reach the business traveler audience in a relevant environment at the right time. The Boingo team provides turnkey creative solutions that look great and allow us to extend our video presence!

Rachel Andreus, Manager, Digital MEC

Metrics that matter

The numbers speak for themselves

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Click Through Rate

Source: Google United States Display Benchmarks

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